Dr Goran Vukomanović

Cardiologist – Pediatrician

Leadership position: Head of the Pediatric Sports Medicine Department

Membership in professional organizations:
1. Serbian Medical Society
2. European Society of Cardiology

Scientific research activities: Pediatric arrhythmology, sports medicine

Biography: He enrolled in the first year of the School of Medicine in Belgrade in the academic year 1985/86 and completed it on February 28, 1991, with an average grade of 9.68.
Recipient of the annual award from the Serbian Medical Society from the fund of Prof. Dr. S. Kostić.
Completed medical internship at the School of Medicine in Belgrade and passed the professional examination on March 31, 1992.
Passed the specialist examination in pediatrics on July 3, 1996, with a grade of excellent.
Enrolled in postgraduate studies in cardiology in the academic year 1991/92 and passed the oral master’s examination in December 1996.
Defended the master’s thesis titled “Non-Invasive Evaluation of Ventricular Extrasystoles in Children with Structurally Normal Hearts” on February 25, 1998, at the School of Medicine in Belgrade.
Head of the Pediatric Sports Medicine Department at the University Children’s Hospital in Belgrade.
Proficient in English and has passive knowledge of German.
As a co-author, he has contributed to the publication of over 140 scientific and professional papers in international journals, proceedings of international and domestic congresses, as well as in domestic professional journals.
Received the plaque of the School of Medicine on the occasion of marking 76 years of its work at the University of Belgrade.
Assistant at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, since September 23, 1998.
Married and father of three children.